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CRAWL -short ver.- 歌ってみた 【グレタ★ ver.】

I am pretty proud of this! I think it’s one of my best covers…I think.

Kinda inspired by Chase and Luna’s version. So it’s dedicated to you both u v u!

Hope you like it~!!! <3

hey guys

i can be kawaii too

Update DESUUU~




Gomen for being so inactive desu! Prima’s got SOOOO MUCH singing to do desu. Prima will be busy for the next week desu.

Prima will try to stuff answers into the queue desu demo, Prima will not be online much until the weekend desu.

Have a good week minna-san! :3

/insert sarcastic remark about why Prima has SO much singing if she’s rarely used.




Today, I’d like to talk about something not a lot of English-speaking VOCALOID fans know about.

most people are aware of the song Saihate (サイハテ), which translates loosely to “Farthest End.” it’s a funeral song dedicated to a loved one with the hopes that they will receive the message in the lyrics and live out a peaceful afterlife in a place that the living cannot reach.

following the death of a well-liked Kagamine Rin and Len composer, Mr. Kashiwagi, a fan of his works remixed Saihate in his honor. the song is sung by the two vocaloids as if they are serenading the deceased, and the last “sayonara” in the song (meaning ‘farewell’) is changed to “arigatou” - ‘thank you.’

the original upload on Nicovideo is riddled with many yellow asterisks in the scrolling comments, representing flowers for Mr. Kashiwagi.


Good bye, kashiwagi-san! Thank you for everything.

Prima is happy for all the producers that let us sing.



..I want to model desu OuO



..I want to model desu OuO



Ah…Sooner or later. I love you, too. Don’t be sad [/sighs] They like you, a lot. And me too, so don’t worry! That time’ll come!

Why would you do that?

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dark woods circus prima

A circus diva, hmmm&#8230;.


dark woods circus prima

A circus diva, hmmm….

Not really. Let me try it out!





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Sorry for being inactive! I’ve been a bit busy ;;;; and plus, I am grounded orz I’ll try to answer a few questions, thank you for being patience!))